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WALL CLOCKS : mantle clocks, bookends, business card holder

Decorate your office space with bookends, metal bookmarks, business card holders or a decorative wall clock or mantle clock timepiece the will track the time during work hours.

You won't be late for a scheduled appointment with these instruments that measure time. Past, present, or future events will tick tock past the numbers on the face of these decorative wall clocks. Every second of the hour will be be enjoyed with a wrought iron mantle clock or large wall clock on the wall in the office. If you like the look of cast iron you'll love wrought iron.

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Wrought Iron bookend, office accessory and bookend, modern bookend, bookend decorative

Unify your office decor with matching bookends, business card holders and metal bookmarks. The wrought iron rustic or contemporary feel to these decorative bookends, business card holders and metal bookmarks will work in any work space. Store encyclopedias, novels or other work and pleasure reading materials on the shelf using our book ends. Our metal bookmarks will save your page in your favorite design.

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  • mantle clocks

  • bookends

  • business card holder

  • decorative wall clocks

  • business card cases

  • book ends

  • large wall clocks

  • wall clock

  • metal bookmark

These mantle clocks and wall clock office items will make great gifts also for that workaholic in your life. Metal bookmarks will encourage your children to read and our business card holders will set off your work desk and bookends are an easy way to add small accent touches to your office room space.

" My wrought iron curtain brackets arrived today - they are stunning and PERFECT! The dimensions will provide the exact effect I'm looking for. Thanks so much for all of your help with this order. Your service has been outstanding! "
Gayla Lewis - Golden CO

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